Friday, September 11, 2015

Whittington, Gloucestershire

Roses for Lady de Croupes

The church of St Bartholomew Whittington is a small medieval building set very close to 16th-century Whittington Court – so close that the two almost touch. The church contains several monuments from a time before the big house was built. Here’s my favourite, a wimpled woman from the early-14th century. She is probably a member of the de Crupes or de Croupes family, who were lords of the manor and patrons of the living in the Middle Ages. I like the worn quality of the woman’s face (which contrasts by the way with the sharper, probably recut, features of a pair of male effigies nearby.

I like also the way that this monument is clearly regarded by someone here with respect, or reverence, or affection. The candle may have burned down, the effigy may be worn smooth, but the roses are a fresh and lovely touch.


Peter Ashley said...

Lovely shot. And so much better for being directly overhead.

Philip Wilkinson said...

Thank you so much. I will try to get overhead more often...