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Philip has written many children’s non-fiction books, mainly in the fields of history, inventions, exploration, art, architecture, mythology, biography and religions. His clients include Dorling Kindersley, Quarto, Scholastic, Carlton, Kingfisher, Templar, and OUP. He also acts as a consultant in his specialist areas (history up to the Middle Ages and architecture of all periods and places).

Here is a selection of his non-fiction titles for children:

Titanic: Disaster at Sea (Templar)
Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire (Templar)
Gandhi (National Geographic)
Eyewitness History of the World CD-ROM (DK)
World History (DK)
Ancient Civilizations (Anness)
Prehistoric Peoples (Anness)
Knights and Castles (Kingfisher)
Exploration and Discovery (Kingfisher)
Best-Ever Book of Exploration (Kingfisher)
History in Stone: Ancient Greece (Quarto)
Lift the Lid: Gladiators (Quarto)
Vikings (Carlton)

Religions, mythology and belief systems
Islam (DK Eyewitness)
Buddhism (DK Eyewitness)
Christianity (DK Eyewitness)
Illustrated Dictionary of Religions (DK)
Illustrated Dictionary of Mythology (DK)

Inventions and technology
Speed (OUP)
Flight (OUP)
Space (OUP)
Time (OUP)
The Best-Ever Book of Ships (Kingfisher)

Michelangelo (National geographic)
Art Gallery: Faces (Macmillan)
Art Gallery: Stories (Macmillan)

Building (DK Eyewitness)
Buildings (DK)
Castles (DK)
Super Structures (DK)
Amazing Buildings (DK)

There is a brief biography of Philip here, and details of some of his other books, including many of his titles for adults, appear here.

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