Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ten of the best

English Buildings has been going for nearly two and a half years now and has attracted many regular readers. Most of you found this blog part-way through its history, so I thought I would create a way for you to catch up with some previous posts. Enter my Ten of the Best feature. In the side-bar to the right you will find a list of ten posts on particular aspects of English Buildings. The first list is on the theme of small buildings and covers a varied and occasionally bizarre assortment of structures from an unusual bridge to a miniature building designed to house bees. Look out for more lists on other themes in coming months.


CarolineLD said...

What a lovely idea - this is a great way to catch up with some old favourites as well as make new discoveries!

tfe said...

I became interested in the blog about 2 days ago, so I appreciate this gesture very much. Thank you!

Peter Ashley said...

What a good idea. I shall have to shamelessly copy it.