Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Medieval round-up

I've now added to the 'round-up' page I began a couple of weeks ago, taking my very short history of English architecture up to the year 1500, so that it now covers the Saxon and Norman periods, plus the various phases of medieval Gothic architecture. Links in the text of this page lead to posts in the English Buildings blog that cover typical buildings and features of the various style.

You can access the page from here or from the link in the 'PAGES' section in the right-hand column.


bazza said...

Philip, you are very generous to put this wonderful information on your site. Especially in view of the fact that you are a professional writer on Architecture and much else. Many thanks. I am inspired to review some local old buildings in my area now! I might start with Ilford Hospital Chapel

Philip Wilkinson said...

Thanks, Bazza. It would be good to see the Ilford Hospital Chapel: it looks really interesting.