Monday, May 16, 2011

18th-century round-up

I've now added a page to my blog, accessed here or via the PAGES menu in the right-hand column, which covers the architecture of the Georgian and Regency periods – roughly from 1700 to 1837.

As with previous round-up pages, you'll find a brief description of the key features and styles of English architecture during this period, with links to examples that I've included on posts in this blog.


Hels said...

Couldn't come at a better time :)

The students are very interested in the impact of the 18th century Grand Tour on art, architecture and landscape design, once the young men were back at home. So although Palladian architecture in Italy was not remotely 18th century, that is where the students can start their reading.

Philip Wilkinson said...

Hels: I was actually going to write something about the Grand Tour to include on my 18th-century page, but decided I'd have to do some more research so put it off. It would be interesting to write something also about the architects who were able to travel, and what they got from their overseas visits.