Saturday, November 10, 2012

A short cry for help

A friend, currently in the antipodes on a round the world trip, is having trouble posting to his Google blog. He gets a repeated error message from Blogger that includes the code bx-g90x6h when he tries to post. I've looked online and it seems that quite a few people are having this problem, but, although some people can get around it by using a different web browser, no one has offered a solution that works for everyone.

I am wondering whether any of my readers have encountered this problem and know of a solution. If so, could you leave a message in the comments?

My friend is using a recent iPad with the Safari browser.


Michael Hampton said...

I've recently discovered your blog which I have really been enjoying. I do architectural watercolors and several of my most recent painting include significant English buildings including The Temple of the Four Winds at Castle Howard and Worcester Lodge.


Michael Hampton

Philip Wilkinson said...

Michael: Thank you for your appreciative comment. By an odd coincidence, I drove past Worcester Lodge today. I didn't stop to photograph it, as the sun was in the wrong place, but I gave it a glance as I passed, as I always do.