Sunday, April 7, 2013

Upton on Severn, Worcestershire

Cat on a Doric roof

Writing about the Dying Gladiator in Brigg in a recent post has alerted me to three dimensional inn signs, a phenomenon I've noticed in this blog before. The White Lion at Upton is another inn with a three-dimensional sign, still more striking – although less remarkable in subject matter – than the Dying Gladiator. The White Lion's building goes back to 1510 and the inn now has a classical frontage on Upton's main street. It was the hostelry of choice for Prince Rupert and his followers towards the end of the English Civil War and, while the Royalists were enjoying the inn's hospitality (or sleeping it off) a small group of Parliamentarians occupied the local church, held out until they were reinforced, and sent the Royalists packing to Worcester, where they were defeated by Cromwell a week later, bringing the war to an end.

Among later guests at the White Lion was the novelist Henry Fielding, who has the eponymous hero of his novel Tom Jones put up at the inn. I don't know if the lion above the doorway had been installed by this point. Probably not, as it looks of a piece with the late Georgian or Regency-looking facade, so perhaps the creature has been there, looking down from the top of the inn's Doric porch, his gilded mane catching the sunlight, for just over 200 years.

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There is more about the White Lion here.

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Alejandro Mena said...

So this is the English cousin of the two lions at the entrance of the Spanish Congress building in Madrid:

Dear Philip, although I am not commenting at all I've become a loyal follower of your blog. I hope I'll be able to see some of these wonders soon. Best wishes from Spain!

Philip Wilkinson said...

Alejandro Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you like the blog. These lions are very similar, yes. I'm not sure why this one has a ball beneath his foot.

Vinogirl said...

Love the pun!

Philip Wilkinson said...

VG: Very good!