Sunday, September 14, 2014


More of the black stuff

As a brief follow-up to my post of a butcher’s shop from Ashby de la Zouch, here’s a jeweller’s in Worcester in a similar style. Again black cladding has been combined with these rather classical letters – here surviving in full apart from a pesky detached bracket. There are very effective and no doubt early display units in the window too. And I especially like the black and white striped blind that complements the colour scheme of the shop front.

The whole ensemble – which continues around the corner – creates a facade that is eye-catching, drawing in the window shopper to admire the watches and jewellery on display. Perhaps this attractive and shiny frontage, which must surely be very effective at stopping passers-by and drawing them in, is one reason why the business has survived so long.


Hels said...

Once again, very smart. I suppose it all depends on the image being created by the shop owner. Did he/she want the business to appear clean? hygienic? modern? smart? trustworthy? high end fashion conscious?

Joe Treasure said...

I've just walked down State Street, the main drag in Santa Barbara where I lived for four years. I passed a shopfront in this same material, which I had never paid attention to before. I couldn't date it. But I do know that downtown SB was destroyed by an earthquake in 1925 and rebuilt thereafter.

Philip Wilkinson said...

Hels: In this case, no doubt, modern, smart, and fashion-conscious.

Philip Wilkinson said...

Joe: Very interesting. It could well be a shopfront from the post-earthquake reconstruction.